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W.I.T. manufactures a wide variety of spraying equipments,which are available through a distribution world-wide. W.I.T. is made up from an association of skilled, experienced people who have been working for over 40 years in the field. The initial product range of the Company included complete paint systems and spray units. At the end of 70’s , formerly known as TAIVER, they moved the offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities from Sesto San Giovanni to Milan, here they developed their exclusive paint spraying units and accessories line, now the most complete in the markets.

W.I.T. researches, designs and tests its production in such a detail as to guarantee the highest quality.

At the end of the 2015’s W.I.T. felt the need to enlarge its facilities and moved to a building close to Milan in the present address: Via Libero Grassi 7, 23875 Osnago

Today W.I.T. srl, with a staff of engineers and skilled technicians in step with the most modern technologies, designs, experiments and builds its own equipment, testing every detail, so as to be able to guarantee the highest quality to its customers.

Efficiency & quality

Easy maintenance

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Our history 40+ years of research & innovation

airless spray painting innovazione

We project solutions for your daily work

MADE IN ITALY spraying and injection pumps and accessories manufacturer.

SERVICE on all airless equipments, MONO and BI-COMPONENT, with SPECIALIZED staff.

SERVICE on electrostatic equipments, powder and liquid, low and high pressure, anywhere on demand.

Professionals at work

airless spray painting innovazione

Research & development

All products are studied, designed and realized in every single detail by WIT specialized staff in order to guarantee the highest quality of the product. Thanks to the use of the highest technologies available our staff can develop the wide ideas to the aim to satisfy the numerous market’s requirements.

Technical & design

Our technical office, using the most advanced informatics’ systems, develops and manages all the technical designs, the explosion drawing, the instruction manual and all the necessary documentation of the products.

Equipment and Accessories Assembling

All the equipments and accessories are assembled by the specialized staff , in production lines, that assure high productivity and operating flexibility.

Equipments and Accessories Test

Every single product, equipment and all the accessories, are controlled and fully tested on the test-benches by the competent staff before every shipment.


It is divided into two main areas; the first for spare parts and components and the other for finished products, in order to facilitate and speed up all products loading and unloading procedures.

Technical Maintenance

A part to which we give much importance is without any doubts our technical service department that follows in a rapid and professional way all customers’ needs.



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