W.I.T. air bi-component gun for glue is our external mixing spray gun for two-component products.
To respond to environmental requirements, pollution and worker safety, water-based two-component products have been formulated to be sprayed.
W.I.T. air bi-component gun for glue has been specifically designed to apply these new products.
Product and catalyst are mixed outside, in the nebulization process, to avoid the product reaction inside the gun.
This gun particular technology allows a perfect and homogeneous two components mixing.

– Excellent product atomization.
– Perfect mixing thanks to the exclusive system of product and air separate adjustments, independently for each components.
– Low atomizing air pressure.
– Extremely low dispersion.
– Easy cleaning.
– Completely separate conduction, control and products spraying, to avoid reactions and residue build-up.


Code Nozzle Pressure Air consumption Delivery Fan Nozzle air
ø mm bar l/min ml/min mm

VS60312V 1.2 2.5 370 400 440 VLSVB2
VS60312G 1.2 2.5 570 440 340 VGS2BP
VS60315 1.5 2.5 290 350 290 VKS2B
VS60318 1.8 2.5 300 350 290 VKS2B
VS60320 2.0 2.5 310 350 290 VRS2B
VS60325 2.5 2.5 360 350 290 VWS2B