Construction Pump: W 10 – ROTARY DISPLACEMENT PUMP

W 10, the new handy rotary displacement pump for liquid and paste-like materials.
It is a new generation peristaltic pump suitable for liquid and paste-like products as it is based on the unique rotary displacement system. Among others, colors, plaster up to 2,5 mm max grain, decorative lamination, prep contact and bitumen can easily, cleanly and quickly be applied.

Lightweight, small and handy
For liquid and paste-like materials
Extremely efficient peristaltic pump technology
Simple operation
Very fast cleaning and maintenance
Continuously variable quantity control
Suitable for dry running
Detachable plastic material hopper
Forward and reverse running
Can be combined with large containers (drum)

The W 10 – ROTARY DISPLACEMENT PUMP handles materials based on the walk principle. A flexible rubber disc pushes the material to be conveyed through the pump housing and into the material hose. This delivers a considerable benefit: less frictional heat is generated and the material is conveyed very efficiently.
The very fast cleaning and simple maintenance processes keep operating costs low and save time.

Liquid and paste-like materials, paints, plasters, smoothing and reinforcing compounds, bitumen and much more such as:
Acoustic renovation paint
Artificial resin plasters up to 2,5 mm fibres max length
Cement pastes, suspensions
Cement plasters
Concrete bonder
Decorative fine coats
ETICS glue, mineral
ETICS glue, paste-like
External dispersion paint – with conversion kit “High-pressure pump”
Fibour plaster
Fine acoustic finishing coats
Fire protection mortar
Floor spattling compounds
Lime cement plasters
Lime plasters
Lime smoothers
Liquid woodchip
Mineral textured plasters
Multi-layer acoustic spray plasters
Paste-like textured plasters
Porous concrete coats
Rendering base
Renovating plaster systems
Silicate plasters up to 2,5 mm
Silicone resin plasters up to 2,5 mm
SPCC mortar / filler
Spray-on spattling compounds

Inner and Outer Plastering • Waterproofing • Buildings renovation • Industrial Construction