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This airless electric diaphragm pump offers to the operator the best spray performance. Thanks to its efficiency, it is possible to spray high thickness product without loosing pressure. it is the ideal pump for contractors for very important jobs: spraying buildings, silos, containers, etc.

The electric motor is H class, that means: maximum quality and safety. It can work in very bad conditions and with very high temperature. An automatic system stops the pump when exceeding the electric safety limits.


Standard set up

 suction system kit, emulsions, S.S. (ref. 063152)

 pressure gauge kit. (ref. 066000)

 high pressure hose ø 6 mm, length 10 m. (ref. 060020)

 airless gun W650TOP (ref. 077400)

 self cleaning tip c/w seal and guard (ref. 69AXXX)



Acrylic, anti-rust, bitumen, emulsions, topcoats, primers, water based paints, woodstains, varnishes, enamels, paints, etc..


Applications' field

Indoor and Outdoor Spraying • Renovations • Construction • Industrial • Painting roofs etc..


 BLACK series

BLACK series are new and improved airless electric diaphragm pumps, small-medium-high power, designed for spraying all products used in building, mechanics, woodworkings, carpentry, etc. These are very strong and handy pumps with a very easy maintenance.