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WIT BLACK S INJECTION is an airless pump ideally suited to application of:
epoxy and polyurethane (PU) materials for the concrete renovation, insecticides, pesticides, anti-fourling materials for wood protection,
emulsion and lacquers for all common surface coatings.


Arcylate gels, epoxy, polyurethane (PU) materials, 1k resins, most of 1k products for injection

Application's fields

Injection • Waterproofing • Sealing • Water stopping • Infiltrations • Crack walls

Injection accessories:

066002 - hydraulic pressure gauge kit

010328INJ - injection ball valve kit

010328INJ injection ball valve kit + 066002 hydraulic pressure gauge kit + 060017 injection kit (50 cm)

077400 airless gun + 060017 injection kit (50 cm)

Injection packer (many different models and sizes available)

dati tecnici

Motore: electric
Power:1 CV (0.75 kW)
Rapporto di compressione:
Numero di giri MAX:
Consumo aria:
Portata con ugello MAX:
Pressione MAX: 220 bar
Elevazione tubo MAX:
Viscosità MAX suggerita:
Volume corsa:
Voltaggio: 230V/50Hz
Pressione aria MAX in ingresso:
Rapporto di miscelazione:
Portata MAX: 4.5 l/m
Misura ugello MAX:
Lunghezza tubo MAX: 60 m
Peso: 28 kg
Pack of gaskets:
Diametro cilindro: