BOXER 30 (3:1)

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Double diaphragm pump with 3:1 ratio, it is the ideal solution to carry out those tasks in spraying of highly viscous products that normal pumps with ratios 1:1 would not be able to perform.
Designed to satisfy the needs of medium-heavy carpentry, of wood industry, shipbuilding, the pump "BOXER 30 (3:1)" is available in aluminum anticorodal or stainless steel version . It can be equipped with tube or with tank capacity 6 lt.


Construction specifications

W BOXER 30 3:1 is a double diaphragm pneumatic pump constructed for the transfer and the supply of all liquid products of medium/high density.
The direct suction from the source container ensures constant supply of the product.
All parts in contact with the fluid are made of a special anti-acid and fire retardant material.
It does not require lubrication or any special maintenance.
igh reliability.


Type of use

  • industrial painting
  • painting forniture
  • painting plastic
  • enamels water-based
  • anti-corrosion coatings
  • polyurethane
  • epossidic