richiedi informazioni su HTP 44000 – THREE-PHASE ELECTRIC ENGINE


Hydraulic piston pump , 280 bar, 14.2 l / m, direct immersion, three-phase 400 V electric engine, complete with cart and line filter.

HTP 44000 is an airless hydraulic piston pump with three-phase 400 V electric engine. The feature that sets it apart is its powerful suction that allow to manage very viscous products. Designed for application across the thixotropic products in the building industry, for waterproofing, for the industrial carpentry, for fire retardants etc ...

Ideal for plasterers who want to use innovative walls plastering technology.

HTP 44000 ensures maximum efficiency and a long service life.

Construction features:

All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel for added security. HTP 44000 is designed for quick and easy maintenance.


Acrylic, Rustproofing, Bituminous Coatings, Elastomers, Emulsions, Fixatives, Funds, Plasters, Water-based paints, Fireproof Coatings, Waterproofing Coatings, Impregnating Coatings, Encapsulants Coatings, Self-leveling plaster, Premixed plaster, Intumescent, Insulators, Lacquers, Primer, Plasters, Epoxy resins, Fillers, Enamels, Ready-mix Plasters, Paints

Application's fields

Internal and External Painting • Plaster Application • Renovations • Waterproofing • Painting • Roof painting

Technical overview

A piston pump takes in the coating material by suction and conveys it to the tip. Pressed through the tip at a pressure of up to a maximum of 280 bar, the coating material is atomised. This high pressure has the effect of micro fine atomization of the coating material. As no air is used in this process, it is described as an AIRLESS process.
This method of spraying has the advantages of finest atomization, cloudless operation and a smooth, bubble-free surface. As well as these, the advantages of the speed of work and convenience must be mentioned.

W.I.T. HTP Series are high-pressure spraying units driven by either a gasoline engine or electric motor.
The gasoline engine or electric motor drives the hydraulic pump by means of a V-belt which is under the belt cover. Hydraulic oil flows to the hydraulic motor and then moves the piston up and down in the material feed pump.
The inlet valve is opened automatically by the upwards movement of the piston. The outlet valve is opened when the piston moves downward.
The coating material flows under high pressure through the high-pressure hose to the spray gun. When the coating material exits from the tip it atomizes.
The pressure control valve controls the volume and the operating pressure of the coating material.

The main area of application are thick layers of highly viscous coating material for large areas and a high consumption of material.
Priming and final coating of large areas, sealing, impregnation, construction sanitation, façade protection and renovation, rust protection and building protection, roof coating, roof sealing, concrete sanitation, as well as heavy corrosion protection.

The unit is able to process coating materials with up to 50.000 / 65.000 mPas. If highly viscous coating materials cannot be taken in or the performance of the unit is to low, the paint must be diluted in accordance with the manufacturer‘s instructions.
Attention: Make sure, when stirring up with motor-driven agitators that no air bubbles are stirred in. Air bubbles disturb when spraying and can, in fact, lead to interruption of operation.

These particles have a strong wear and tear effect on valves and tips, but also on the spray gun. This impairs the durability of these wearing parts considerably.

The appropriate processing time must be adhered to exactly.
Within this time rinse through and clean the unit meticulously with the appropriate cleaning agents.

Sufficient filtering is required for fault-free operation. The unit is equipped with a suction filter, an insertion filter in the spray gun and a high pressure filter on the unit. Regular inspection of these filters for damage or soiling is urgently recommended.

dati tecnici

Motore: electric
Power:5,5 kW
Rapporto di compressione:
Numero di giri MAX:
Consumo aria:
Portata con ugello MAX: 12.5 l/m
Pressione MAX: 280 bar
Elevazione tubo MAX: 150 m
Viscosità MAX suggerita: 50.000 / 65.000 mPas
Volume corsa: 260 cc
Voltaggio: 380V/50Hz
Pressione aria MAX in ingresso:
Rapporto di miscelazione:
Portata MAX: 14.2 l/m
Misura ugello MAX: 0.072"
Lunghezza tubo MAX: 150 m
Peso: 110 kg
Pack of gaskets:mobile
Diametro cilindro: