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WIT mixer is the indispensable machine for mixing, kneading plaster and related materials.
Compact and easy to move due to its small size, it is the ideal machine for building yards with limited operating space.
WIT mixer mixes both wet and dry plasters, special plasters, colors, glues and other materials.
It is loaded manually by the operator who gives its own discretion to water and material to obtain the desired dough density.
For special plaster mixers, WIT mixer can be equipped with an electric control panel with automatic water dispenser to ensure the right amount of water for each dough.

Technical data
Voltage: 230 V (400V on request)
Power: 1.5 kW
Capacity: 60 l

Load height: 1460mm
Width: 640mm
Length: 800mm

 Electric control panel with automatic water dispenser


pump + mixer

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