W 18000 P (50:1)

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Pneumatic airless pump W 18000 P stainless steel, 50: 1, complete with cart and pressure regulator

W 18000 P is a big power and delivery airless pneumatic pump, completely built in stainless steel, equipped with a pneumatic motor with rapid volumetric reversal which allows a very low pressure drop at the time of inversion. The engine has no problems with frost and requires little lubrication. The piston has a hard chrome plated treatment and all parts in contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel and tungsten carbide.
Designed for continuous work and a high productivity, this device has a large output delivery that allows it to manage all kind of products, even dense and thixotropic fluid (normally used in the shipyards), fire retardants, waterproofing, and anti-corrosion.
W 18000 P is the ideal device for large industry, to carry out important work in the field of heavy carpentry, mechanics, shipbuilding industry and all those industries which require high productivity and the ability to paint continuously.

Construction specifications:

W 18000 P is a strong and reliable pump. The automatic adjustment of packings, depending on the wear, allows a longer life and a better performance.
Easy and fast maintenance. Hard chrome treatment piston. Tungsten carbide valve seats.



  • Tungsten carbide valve seats.
  • anti-wear treatment shaft
  • Built-in line filter.
  • Pneumatic motor with lubrication.
  • Automatic adjustment of packings.

The airless system allows a big reduction of overspray with three important advantages: paint saving, high working speed, environmental protection.



Alcohol, Anti roar, Adhesives, Detergents, Release agents, Epoxy, Greases, Vegetable greases, Water-based paints, Inks, Lubricants, Mastics, Oils, Sealants, Solvents, Spot, Sealers, Paints, Oil-based paints, Acrylic paints


Application's fields

Craftsmen • Carpentry • Wood industry • Railways industry • Automotive industry • Construction industry • Mechanical Engineering • Shipyard