W 18000 P BI-MIX 3 (35:1)

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W 18000 P BI-MIX 3 (35:1)

W 18000 P BI-MIX 3: pneumatic 1:1 airless double piston pump, complete with a third flush-pump, full stainless steel, ratio 35:1, complete with cart and pressure regulator

W 18000 P BI-MIX 3 is a two-component airless pneumatic pump with 3° flushing pump.
It is ideal for the injection and/or spraying of bi-components products with a reduced pot-life, which therefore need a quick wash at the end of the mixer parts.
The possibility of adjusting the pumping pressure from 0 to 200 bar allows the use of this equipment in the most varied uses.
Typical applications include sealing of water leaks and walls' seepages.
It creates a barrier against humidity and it seals surfaces which come into direct contact with the ground, such as tunnels, galleries, channels.
The third flushing pump allows a quick cleaning of the tubes and the 3-way mixer.

Construction specifications:

W 18000 P BI-MIX 3 uses an avant-garde technology: the instant volumetric reversal of pneumatic motor, that means a very low pressure drop during the reversal. The piston is hard chrome treated and all the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance. Tungsten carbide valves.


  • Ideal for spraying with BI-MIX AIRLESS gun with external mixing.
  • Ideal for injecting up to 200 Bar.
  • All parts in contact with the material are in stainless steel.
  • Piston and cylinder are in hard chrome for a long life.
  • New system of self-adjusting packings which avoid the premature wear due to continuous manual adjustings.

The airless system allows a big reduction of overspray with three important advantages: paint saving, high working speed, environmental protection.


Arcylate gels, 2k resins, most of 2k coatings with mixing ratio 1:1

Application's fields

Injection • Waterproofing • Sealing • Water stopping • Infiltrations • Crack walls

Injection accessories

063153 - suction system kit, emulsions for resin, S.S. (2x)

060020 - high pressure hose ø 6 mm, length 10 m. (2x)

066560 - 2 ways twin injector kit

066562 - 2 ways w mixer t injector kit

066555 - 3 ways injector kit

066551 - static mixer 13/32 (box 10 pcs)

066002 - hydraulic pressure gauge kit

003850 - 6 liters plastic hopper kit. (2x )

0152500 - 25 l stainless steel hopper kit, completed with lid and filter (2x)

dati tecnici

Motore: pneumatic
Rapporto di compressione: 35:1
Numero di giri MAX:
Consumo aria:
Portata con ugello MAX:
Pressione MAX: 200 bar
Elevazione tubo MAX: 100 m
Viscosità MAX suggerita: 600 Centipoise
Volume corsa: 73 cc (X2)
Pressione aria MAX in ingresso: 8 bar
Rapporto di miscelazione: 1:1
Portata MAX: 18 l/m
Misura ugello MAX:
Lunghezza tubo MAX: 100 m
Peso: 72 kg
Pack of gaskets:mobile
Diametro cilindro: 200 mm