W 5000 P (30:1)

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W 5000 P (30:1)

Pneumatic airless pump W 5000 P stainless steel, 30: 1, complete with cart and pressure regulator

It is a pneumatic piston pump driven by an instant volumetric reversal air motor which allows to use the equipments with a small air lubrication and has no freezing trouble and a very low pressure drop during the reversal. The pistons are hard chrome treated for a longer life. Tungsten carbide valves. The simultaneous adjustment of packings, depending on the wear, allows a longer life and a better perfomance of the unit. The piston is hard chrome treated and all the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance. Tungsten carbide valves.

W 5000 P, properly equipped, can work both in airless or air-mix system.

W 5000 P is a versatile equipment; it can be used in various field and for various uses; This small pneumatic pump, properly equipped, can inject coatings commonly used for waterproofing and consolidations


Alcohol, Anti roar, Adhesives, Detergents, Release agents, Epoxy, Greases, Vegetable greases, Water-based paints, Inks, Lubricants, Mastics, Oils, Sealants, Solvents, Spot, Sealers, Paints, Oil-based paints, Acrylic paints

Application's fields

Craftsmen • Carpentry • Wood industry • Railways industry • Automotive industry • Construction industry • Mechanical Engineering • Shipyard

dati tecnici

Motore: pneumatic
Rapporto di compressione: 32:1
Numero di giri MAX:
Consumo aria:
Portata con ugello MAX:
Pressione MAX: 250 bar
Elevazione tubo MAX:
Viscosità MAX suggerita: 600 Centipoise
Volume corsa: 27 cc
Pressione aria MAX in ingresso: 8 bar
Rapporto di miscelazione:
Portata MAX: 5 l/m
Misura ugello MAX: 0.027"
Lunghezza tubo MAX:
Peso: 19 kg
Pack of gaskets:fixed
Diametro cilindro: