W 650 TOP

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W 650 TOP is the new airless gun projected and designed by Wit.
Thanks to its Compact-System, in few passages it is possible to make the service on the gun.
It is light and handy, and designed for a long work and a long life.
W 650 TOP allows a speed working with a perfect finishing up to a working pressure of 500 bar.
W 650 TOP is the ideal gun for big contractors who need to do high Productivity works.



  • Fast and easy maintenance thanks to the Compact-System.
  • Light and handy, built for a long work without effort.
  • Speed work with perfect finishing.
  • The gun can be used with all airless units: pneumatic and electric.
  • Max working pressure: up to 500 bar.
  • Fittings in stainless steel 1/4" or 16x1,5.


Important suggestions:

Worn tips mean bad atomization, anomalous pump working, therefore, shorter life of pump.
The maximum tip size suggested for a perfect work is the tip which allows a perfect atomization without using the pump over its possibilities.
Often tips check, especially when spraying abrasive paints (water paints and all low cost paints are abrasive).


Covid 19: Russian military personnel sanitize Bergamo hospital rooms using airless devices